A Dance to the Music of Time 43x49
Everything I Need 48x40
Going Home 20x24
Radiant Reflections 38x50
Leap into the Light 20x17
Secret of Life 50x48
The Blue Thread 10x10
The Places in Between 40x48
The Red Line 35x27
Swept Away in Greens 20x24
Glowing Red Room 18x24
Surprise Ending 48x38
Summer 24x30
Private Moment 44 x 30
Beyond Reach 24x20
Seated in Orange 36x24
Secret World 48x39
Lost Dreams 24x30
Outbound 24x36
Unseen Light  Acrylic 20 x 24
 Vibrations  40 x 48 acrylic
Letting Go  40x 50  Acrylic
Perils of Love  50x50
My Cats   50x50
Red Dream Beach 24x20 Acrylic
Secret Interlude 38x45 Acrylic
Voyage 36x48 Acrylic
Life Unleashed 40x48
All My Dreams 48x50
The Bedroom 50x48 Acrylic
Moving Target  20 x 24  Acrylic
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